One vegan breakfast

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Below is the first offering. If you have a recipe to offer, please let me know via the Comments section:


The bread
Because I make all my own bread in a busy life, I usually use a breadmaker, though the proportions are pretty much the same if you make it by hand (you might need to experiment with the quantity of water).

3 cups wholemeal organic spelt* flour (I use Dove’s Farm, from the UK)
1 cup white ditto
1 teaspoon apple concentrate, maple syrup, date syrup or unrefined sugar
1 tablespoon fine seasalt
1 1/3 cups lukewarm water (blood heat; see below)
2/3 tablespoons unrefined olive oil
Handful walnuts
Handful pumpkin or sunflower seeds (or ground flax)
(You can vary the additions: try raw chopped onion with herbs – dill’s good with onion, or sage; sprouted seeds, but not too many as they’ll dampen the loaf; olives, sundried tomatoes etc)

Oil tin with all of the olive oil. Dissolve your sweetener and the salt in less than a quarter cup boiling water. Add cold to top the cup up; pour into tin.

Add the flour (if using breadmaker), and I use the 3 hour 40 minute setting, adding the nuts and seeds when the machine beeps (if working dough by hand add them with the flour).

* I use spelt because, like many people in the UK, I find I do better on it than on our modern wheat (spelt is ‘the neolithic wheat’)

The spread
Take a quarter avocado (for food miles I try and buy from Europe) for one piece bread/toast, and mash it with a splash of olive oil, some nutritional yeast flakes (from a wholefood shop; the vegan’s big friend), a pinch of salt, black pepper and if you like some Tabasco or lemon juice. You won’t miss butter, and it’s a lot healthier than the processed spreads. If you’re feeling really virtuous, sprinkle with sprouted seeds – about as healthful as you can get.

Accompany it with red grape juice – delicious and healthful (and if you happen to live in, or travel to, France, also surprisingly cheap, even as organic, ‘bio’. Much as I love wine, this is worth importing).

Instead of butter or margarine, I simply put a little olive oil in a jar in the fridge, so that it solidifies, then use it like butter. (You don’t need this in addition to the avo spread.)


6 thoughts on “One vegan breakfast

  1. Roselle, I really love the ‘Oh She Glows’ vegan cookbook by Angela LIddon – I discovered the book while I was in Canada, but it’s available here too. The soup recipes are especially delicious….


    1. Thank you, Viv. I’ve already put it in Resources as it sounds wonderful and I’ve come across some of her recipes, though I haven’t bought it myself (trying to curb my book-buying addiction – well, a bit).

      Thanks for the follow, too. The site’s still a skeleton, as you can see – haven’t had time to plump it out. I will, I will.

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  2. I can recommend Aine Carlin’s Keep it Vegan and The New Vegan. Her blog is (I think). I borrowed them from the library and liked them enough to buy them. She’s UK – I’ve found the US cookbooks I’ve browsed a bit hard to get into due to difference in ingredients, etc. There’s enough variety in the books for me without feeling overwhelmed.


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