Response to a ‘welfare’ survey about hens used for eggs

Here’s an excellent argument, calm and reasonable, about why ‘animal welfare’ is not the issue; using animals at all as a resource is. I highly recommend this site:

There's an Elephant in the Room blog

Joy at Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary Joy, rescued from an ‘Enriched’ Cage

Missy, rescued from a 'Free Range' facility Missy, rescued from a ‘Free Range’ facility

There’s an Elephant in the Room was recently contacted by a veterinary student with a request to complete a survey on the ‘welfare’ of hens in the egg industry. I did not complete it and have declined to promote it. Sharing my response.

‘Thank you for contacting me. I have viewed your survey and felt that my reason for not completing or promoting it warranted an explanation.

As a vegan activist, I got full marks in all categories. This emphasises that I am all too well aware of the facts surrounding the conditions in which humanity’s victims are exploited but these are not the reason why I am vegan and neither are they the reason why I promote veganism.

‘Welfare’ is a word that is much-overused by the exploitation industries and by those who promote and support them…

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2 thoughts on “Response to a ‘welfare’ survey about hens used for eggs

  1. Excellent Roselle, cool and right to the point, especially the last lines, ‘It’s not how or where we treat our victims that is the issue. The issue is that we have victims’. Thank you for getting that voice out there, I just get in such twist that I rant and don’t make much sense.
    Chris V.


    1. Thank you, Chris, though I can take no credit at all for it, bar reading it and thinking it was so good. Glad to have your comments.

      Anything you ever want to contribute – your own experience, thoughts, recipes – I’d love to have. (Hope you got my email btw.)


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