A beginning:

The Vegan Society
The Vegetarian Society

Campaigning sites
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Compassion in World Farming
Free From Harm (and possibly the best article on veganism ever):

This one gives you, at the bottom of the home page, the numbers of exactly how many animals have been killed for food in the seconds it takes you to scroll to the bottom of the page. ‘Shocking’ doesn’t start to go there. It’s numbing. Read this guy’s books (see ‘Resources’).

Further info  those tricky sticky questions non-vegans will raise, & how to respond
The World Peace Diet (George Monbiot’s website has a number of informed articles on aspects of meat-eating; Monbiot himself is not a vegan, but his focus is on land use and climate change) (UPDATE: George Monbiot is now a vegan. Here’s why) (bringing up the vegan child) this link will calculate for you how many animals’ lives you’ve saved by not eating them, and how many pounds of C02 you haven’t released into the atmosphere… Read and feel proud! the organic veg-box company Riverford also provide organic meat. However, they are campaigning to cut our meat consumption

Buddhism and the vegan (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Nutritional info
(well-referenced article on the myths around meat-eating)
(information on the controversy about soy)
(has some stories about people’s improving health on a vegan diet, and some info re vegan nutrition on the site)

truly wonderful recipes, and info

(fabulous recipes)
her vegan tiramisu is a dream…

Sourcing stuff
Sourcing vegan/eco stuff that’s hard to find locally


Vegan places to stay
In the Northumbrian border with Scotland:


And have a look at this link; here’s the son of a British farmer sending an unlikely message (for someone in such a position):

Another video: