Odds & ends

Wild garlic pesto
Our lanes have been bursting with wild garlic since February. We use it in soups (especially leek and potato with nettle – using what’s available seasonally), salads, sandwiches and I add it to anything else where I think I can get away with it.

Here’s a vegan sort-of pesto sauce for you:

1 large handful of wild garlic leaves, washed well
Half that amount of rocket
1 handful of nettle tips, picked young, stripped from the stalk and wilted for 1-2 minutes in boiling water
Whizz up together with a generous gloop of olive oil and a couple of tablespoons of pine nuts.
I added the juice from one lemon; or to taste
If you can find it, 3 tbsps of Coyo – vegan yoghurt made from coconuts – completely transforms this.

Pour onto hot or cold vegetables, or stir into pasta; dip fresh warm bread into it.