Well, until I have time to upload more stuff, here’s this link to a dream of a vegan tiramisu. The creator has had tens of 1000s of hits on this recipe.


I’m not sure biscuits count. But never mind: here’s a recipe:

You know how you come across those biscuits from time to time that are soft and chewy, but with a little crunch, too? Ha! Smugness here (since I’m not much of a cake-type baker). I made this one up:

  • Pre-heat oven to 160 degrees; just under for a fan oven
  • Melt together 100gms of either unrefined dark brown sugar or concentrated apple juice with 150gms of or sunflower oil (if you buy the unrefined Meridian one it has a wonderful taste of sunflower seeds)
  • Stir in a heaped teaspoon of powered ginger (or chunked crystallised ginger, but maybe reduce sugar content above) and the grated peel of a lemon (I’d use organic, to avoid wax/pesticides). You could instead add chunks of chocolate, berries, or orange and cardamom, or lavender flowers, or…???
  • Add 250gms total (or more if mix is too ‘loose’) of polenta grain, coconut, oats and flour (I used spelt) in roughly equal proportions. Stir well and throw in
  • a small handful of chopped nuts. Make sure it more or less holds together.
  • Plop spoonsful on greased baking tray, mould gently with fingers and flatten.
  • Bake until just going golden and still soft!