carrot salad, beetroot patties, coconut kale

Here in Devon the wild garlic has started. I add it to everything I can think of, including the two hot dishes in this supper menu.

Make the carrot salad first, by mixing:
3 carrots, grated
1 tablespoon desiccated coconut
2-3 tablespoons of sunflower seeds, OR pumpkin seeds, OR cashew nuts – or a mix
1 tablespoon olive oil
juice of one lemon
(1 tablespoon of raisins if liked)

I need to credit Riverford for the last two parts, which I’ve adapted from their recipes.

The patties (to serve 2/3)

6 small potatoes
3 medium-large beetroots
1-2 tablespoons flour (I use buckwheat, which is gluten-free), for binding
3 cloves garlic finely chopped or 3 leaves fresh wild garlic
1 tablespoon chopped parsley
half-teaspoon smoked paprika
pinch each oregano, thyme
salt and plenty of fresh-ground pepper
(optional: 1 teaspoon toasted ground sesame seeds)
olive or sunflower oil for frying

Parboil the potatoes. Meantime, peel and grate the beetroot. Drain the potatoes, keeping the water for the kale dish.

Heat the oil. Grate the potatoes into the beetroot. Season well, and taste. Mix flour, a little at a time, into the vegetable mix until it more-or-less holds together. Using damp hands, make 6 flat patties. When oil is medium-hot, drop the patties in and flatten further. Let them gently cook on each side (take care on turning; they may break up anyway) for 15 or so minutes.

Coconut kale

1 big bag of kale, chard or spinach
1 large onion, chopped
4 or wild garlic leaves or 3-4 cloves of garlic, chopped
1-2 teaspoons mixed herbs or herbes provencales (or fresh rosemary – a little)
stock: potato water + bouillon (1 cupful)
salt and pepper
coconut oil
juice of half a lemon

Wash and tear up the kale. Melt the coconut oil. When medium-hot (don’t heat too high), add the onion and let it soften. Add kale.

After a few minutes add the chopped garlic cloves or leaves. When wilted, stir in the stock, half a cup at first. Add the lemon and herbs.

When the kale has reduced add more stock only if needed – you don’t want it to be too liquid. (You could replace the stock with coconut milk + bouillon.) Taste and season before serving.

This menu looks wonderful on the plate: orange carrots, red patties, creamy-green kale dish. Good enough to eat!