George Monbiot on meat

Iconoclast and environmentalist George Monbiot has written many times for The Guardian or on his own website about both the ethics and environmental impact of eating meat.

Here’s another lucid piece, and as always George backs up his arguments with the relevant research, so if you are one of those vegans whom meat-eaters love to bait with unsubstantiated claims of their own, ask them to read this piece:





2 thoughts on “George Monbiot on meat

  1. Very good. It would be nice if Britain became more self sufficient and less dependent on soya. If the will was there, maybe we could cultivate more indigenous nuts and legumes as a protein source.
    The Vegan Society have launched a Grow Green document and campaign, detailing alternative sources of protein.


  2. Ah yes. I don’t eat soya myself. It is grown in France, though.

    I’ve noticed that many hazelnuts are huge in the UK this autumn. We grow four varieties of beans: one for eating green, three for freezing for winter protein – but all three of the latter failed this year. Too cold/wet? Too few pollinators?

    Sweetcorn grows well here, and is an alternative protein, of course.

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